Exclusive Albums' award winning flush mount album designers are the best... hands down. From classic to Fine Art, each album design is uniquely created. We never
use templates, so each album design is guaranteed to be a one of a kind artistic work. Our design process is perfected.

We make it easy.... Beyond all expectations.

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This simple design is all about the photos. Black or white backgrounds and clean, straight borders are used to create a timeless storyline design.
Click here to see a classic design.

Photography by Van Buren Photography

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Images are presented in a clean and elegant format. Backdrop images are used to enhance the design and tell the story. Fades and opacity are used to blend photos into a fluid design.
Click here to see a modern design.

Photography by Hyon Smith Photography

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Fine Art

Building on the Modern design, this style incorporates additional fading, opacity, limited border effects, and soft design elements. Backdrops are created with both photos and solid colors.
Click here to see a fine art design.

Photography by Broxton Art Photography